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Here we have different ways of joining our mission.

What we fundamentally are offering is a Story. A Story that is deep, compelling and emotional. We bring the audience to share our joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration and excitement.
We bring the audience to share sun sets, dark and stormy nights, nightmares, cooking, moonlight, philosophical thinking, repair and maintenance of the boat, improvements, performance optimization, smiles, laughter, seriousness. No filter of an Extreme Offshore Sailors life.

Title Partner

This is the top level partnership. The Title Partner is entitled to set the visual identity of the project, the team and clothing as well as the Project Merchandize.

The Title Partner is entitled exposure in every video, posts on social media and clothing worn in traditional media like TV, newspapers and magazines.
The Stories of the Title Partner is woven into the stories of the project in a significant way.
Stories are told showing the similarities of challenges, decision making, strategies, approaches etc in Extreme Ocean Racing.
Sailing Events, Speaker at conferences, internal or external, team building events and more to a significant number.


A Partner is entitled to exposure in videos and communication.

But to a less significant way compared to the Title Partner. A limited amount of Sailing Events, Speaker at conferences and team building activities are included. The Partner is entitled to purchase more events on request.

Official Supplier

The Official Supplier is entitled to a number of dedicated videos, posts and possibly events.

Products of the Official Supplier will be continuously exposed in the normal communications of the Project. The Official Supplier contributes with a barter value monetary funding or a combination, to a value of minimum 5K Euro per year.

Become a partner today.

Being a partner to the project, there are different entry levels. The different levels correspond to different levels of exposure, events and communication s on one side and on the other corresponding levels of contribution to the budget.